A modern interface to the BBC Sounds radio catalogue.

beeb ident, made in Blender

beeb is a light alternative to get_iplayer (10,000 lines of Perl) and youtube-dl (750+ compatible sites).

These libraries aim to be deep and broad, beeb just aims to be specific and quick, handling common use cases (scheduling and download links) clearly, in nicely object-oriented Python.

beeb is a radio catalogue that takes a nice async multiprocessing OOP approach, devolving certain tasks encountered when trying out machine transcription pipelines (see: tap).

After the code got to a good place, I also made a nice ident in Blender (see it swing into action on YouTube).

The usage is pretty simple, so no docs, and I didn't want to ping the BBC so no network tests. The library was a 'means to an end' (to access COVID-19 news when the prospect of reading/listening at length was in turns draining/anxiety inducing), and it served this purpose well.

It's useful to see how tools like youtube-dl work (and why you maybe don't want to use them, e.g. you can skip a lot of the extensive coding by making some reasonable assumptions; also you're not tied to the many other sites/services that tool uses).